You Might Be An Alpha Male If You Have These 14 Qualities

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[tps_header]An alpha male possesses an unwavering confidence in himself that attracts every woman who yearns to be loved, protected, and provided for. This article is about the qualities of an alpha male, from a female perspective.

As a woman, it can be hard to quantify what these qualities are. One look at an alpha male, and a female might instantly be attracted to him without knowing why she is. All she knows is she has to be with him (and become the mother of his babies).

There’s a lot more to how alpha males take the lead and maintain everyone’s respect.

Alpha Male Examples

Ernest Hemingway, Daniel Craig, Jason Statham, Robert de Niro, Connor McGregor, and Vladimir Putin are all certifiably alpha. If you notice, most of the men I have mentioned are not exactly known for being pretty boys but they almost look rugged.

The alpha male is made up of many layers with qualities varying in degrees for each man. It isn’t as easy as growing a beard, picking up some new rags or hitting the gym.

Some may not be as assertive but are more charming which allows them to get what they want while others automatically assume a dominant rule leaving others stunned and gaining their respect as a result.


Why  Do Girls Love Bad Boys?

It’s similar to the allure of bad boys. Women are attracted to bad boys as moths are drawn to your porch light. There’s just something about them.

Like alpha males, they do what they want and they are unapologetic about it. The only difference is; alpha males don’t trample on other people; they already have people’s respect, all they have to do is leverage that to achieve their goal.

Being a genuine alpha male is easier said than done. For some, it’s innate while for others, it takes decades to develop. It’s the reason why older men, somewhere between 35-50, are attractive to women. They just carry a confidence that they’ve built up from many years of experience.

Now, waiting to get older is not exactly the best game plan, I know. But I want to help you out by telling you about the 14 characteristics that every alpha male possesses.

You may already have several of these qualities while the rest are yet to be developed. You can practice the qualities that you are lacking so you can be the alpha male you are destined to become.


Image source: Pixabay/sipa

The alpha male is strong.

He is capable of protecting those close to him from danger. Don’t confuse him with the brute who’s always out for a fight because the alpha male only fights to defend, not to tear down other people.  If he is challenged, he doesn’t back down easily but in the rare instance that he does, he accepts defeat with humility and doesn’t behave like a bitter loser.


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