This is The Jason Momoa Aquaman Workout (with Photos)

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[tps_header]Jason Momoa is known to play the more barbaric shirtless roles in Hollywood like Conan the Barbarian (reboot) and Khal Drogo. He’s got the look and the body to go with it.

But in his most recent role, he’ll have to push it even further as the reimagined DC character Aquaman is big and undeniably ripped. Here we give you a peek of the preparations that Momoa had to go through in order to achieve his lean superhero physique.


training-with-mark-twightTraining with Mark Twight

Twight who has worked with several actors to prepare for their roles trained Jason Momoa for his role as Aquaman. One of Twight’s more popular achievements include training the cast and stunt crew of the movie 300 where the goal was to make everyone lean and muscular as if they’ve been living in the wild.


Last modified: October 22, 2016

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